Nuclear Patrol Robot
RadiSurvey Nuclear Radiation Mobile Inspection Robot
A smart mobile robot having radiation imaging module and deep learning enhanced visual perception system for inspecting the Nuclear facility. The operator can control the robot remotely and can also program the robot in advance for scheduled inspection of nuclear facilities in autonomous mode.
Application scenario
Ideal for autonomous routine radiation inspection and intelligent visual monitoring inside nuclear facility
Routine scanning of the area using on board visual system for detecting any anomaly in the environment

Salient Features
• Autonomous localization and navigation.
• Most capable and versatile radiation scanning system, can work in high dose areas (up to 1 Sv/hr).
• Nuclear radiation scanning range and field of view: 20m and approximately 180° x 360°
• Intelligent environment perception and mapping with state of the art deep learning algorithms.
Components Details

                                        Autonomous navigation, localization and mapping

                                  Radiation dosage calculation and 3D visualization

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